Dance photography galleries

joanna bordon dance

The main dance portfolio covering some of my favourite and best work.

Kit King dance

Kit King is an amazing, talent and versatile dancer. I love working with him because he is so much fun. On top of all that he is a friend and also loves eating good Chinese food.

joanna bordon portrait

Joanna Bordon or as I call her 'El Jo Bo'. She tells awful jokes and has the dodgest range of so called accents, but she is a pleasure to work with, highly creative and full of energy.

Kit King

No every shot is perfect. Here are some of outtakes, near misses and general silliness that has happened during some of the shoots.

Rhiannon Rees portrait

Portraits of dancers. Some of them could be used for auditions. You will notice how varied the styles are. This will give you a few ideas if you require them.