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Creative dance photography

Excellence and Creativity

These are the hallmarks of this portrait and dancer photographer based in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

I specialise in creative dance photography and this site is dedicated to my love of this and the amazing dancers I have worked with over the years, some of whom have become friends.

It is not just dance photography, but creative dance photograph! That means I am constantly striving to develop new ways of capturing this art form using a still medium. I have covered a number of styles of dance including contemporary, street and break dancing.

Click/tap on About to know what you can expect if you work with me.


Well, what can I say. First of all thank you Hubert for the amazing photographs. The shoot was a great experience. Whatever I decided to do movement wise, he was able to capture it perfectly, with the right angle, lighting and timing of course. He stressed that lighting is the key. As he mentions (in the blog) we ran way over time, but it flew by and I would of been happy to carry on. Therefore highlighting that it was a fun experience. I would highly recommend Hubert's services, he will bring your thoughts and ideas to life :)!

Laura Firth (professional dancer and fitness instructor) December 2014.

The latest work and blog updates with the backgrounds, thought processes and technical aspects behind each shoot.

nuno and sara kiss

Contact dance, messing with your head and creative mayhem with Nuno, Sara and Kit. Read more...

lauren and katharine

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laura Perrot

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